Friday, February 14, 2014

About Time

For Valentine's Day, we rented a movie called About Time. It's about a man who can travel back in time. But there's a catch: if he changes anything before the birth of his child, he gets a different child in the future. I had to ask myself a question: If I could go back and change CJ's body so that his spine was normal, would I do it?

I have to say, the answer is no.

Judge me how you will, but I wouldn't change it. Spina bifida has been a part of CJ and a part of our family's experience and we wouldn't be the people we are if we hadn't experienced it. Everything about it, the NICU and operations, the walker, the birth trauma, the exhilaration of KJ's birth, the question of how we are going to deal with an older child who doesn't walk yet when his little brother does; those have all defined us. They are challenges but they are also treasures. It has been a beautiful life.

I love the person CJ has helped me become. I love the world of possibilities that he has shown me. I know he has challenges in this life, but we all do. Let the world go by. I am happy with my boy and his back.

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