Friday, October 12, 2012

A Healthier Alternative to Toblerone Chocolate Oranges!!!!

I LOVE Toblerone Chocolate Oranges. I always have. Especially the dark chocolate ones. For years I wondered if there could be any sort of alternative to the high sugar original. At last I have found one. My go-to favorite chocolate candy making recipe has become Chocolate Covered Katie's 3 Ingredient Chocolate Bars. So, take your 3 Ingredient Chocolate Bars and mix them up, but then add 4 drops of orange essential oil and mix it up. This is very inexpensive, especially when you get it from my new favorite essential  oils shop (Much thanks to my friend LaRisa for telling me about it.)  Pour your chocolate into chocolate molds, freeze for about 15 minutes or until fully solid (raw coconut oil solidifies VERY quickly).

A word of caution if you use raw cacao powder. Raw cacao powder is even more stimulating to the body than regular cocoa powder, so make sure to eat these only during the earlier parts of the day. I highly recommend investing the money in buying unrefined coconut oil in a large bulk bucket from Mountain Rose Herbs if you are going to use a lot of it. You will not finder a purer coconut oil for a better price.

I can't recommend unrefined coconut oil enough for chocolates. In addition to being full of healthy fats and being a fantastic anti-fungal, it is soooooo ridiculously easy to use and set that you can't go wrong in chocolate making. =)

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