Thursday, September 27, 2012

Essential Oils

Since I posted on facebook about how Rabbit/Malamute family has started to use essential oils, I have received a few requests for a blogpost on how we are using them.I have always been rather skeptical of essential oils. How do you sniff something and have it really do anything. I started to open my mind when I found out that these are actually strong distillations of powerful herbs. Certain oils like frankincense have even been used by individuals to kill cancerous tumors when applied topically.

We went to a doTerra Medicine Cabinet Makeover class and all got Zyto scans. (Yes, even Duckling. Daddy held his hand and he managed to sit still. The results were extremely interesting.)

Malamute came out as needing fennel and Terrashield as his top two, but also thyme (hormone balancer), lavendar (calming), Elevation (for depression), and tea tree oil. Fennel is a hormone balancer and we started to notice that he seemed to have a number changes in his mood and outlook after starting to use it. He just started getting in touch with the "take charge" side that he had as a kid and that got beaten out of him over the course of his life. Terrashield I've often massaged into his feet at night and it has helped him sleep better. Terrashield was a bit of a head-scratcher. I joked that Malamute must be especially delicious bugs. (Which isn't true because since switching to a mostly raw and mostly vegan diet we often don't use any bug protection at all and rarely get bit.) We asked the doTerra lady about it and she said that Terrashield definitely keeps bugs away, but that this particular blend is also good emotionally for people who feel unprotected or vulnerable. Without getting into the details there or here, I will say that that was definitely a fit for him. We haven't gotten the others yet, but will probably get them in the future. The doTerra lady said that the tea tree oil was probably to help his body continue cleaning out the massive amount of junk it had accumulated from two and a half decades of terrible eating. Tea tree oil kills things like candida and parasites and bacteria and when Malamute first smelled it, he thought he was going to die too. I think I read somewhere that in Australia surgeons use it to disinfect the skin before operating.

I only came up with two oils: their calming blend (that should be obvious to anyone who reads this blog or knows me) and thyme oil, for hormone balancing. Two of the oils in the calming blend are lavender and sandalwood. Duckling ranked #1 for sandalwood, so I have been using some of his combined with lavender for my anxiety and have noticed great results. I call sandalwood my valium. It has helped me deal with the anxiety from Malamute's former job a lot better. Duckling has been particularly stressed out this week and at night I have started putting sandalwood and lavender on him and it has worked wonders in helping him calm down and sleep better.

As I said, Duckling ranked #1 for sandalwood. #2 was vetiver and #3 was clove. Curiously enough, his scan came up with doTerra's Immortelle blend for skin. His last ranked was helichrysm. We asked about the Immortelle and the doTerra lady said that Immortelle is aimed at older women with skin damage, but that anyone with skin damage could use it and find it helpful. This started to make sense because when Duckling arrived at the hospital the night he was born, the doctors proceeded to do a battery of x-rays and CT scans on him. They also did a head ultrasound on him at two weeks old to determine if he should have a shunt put in. And then (despite the fact that he had normal urinary function), we had to take him in for VCUG tests where they would x-ray him without any protection. (The nurses and Malamute and I were required to wear lead aprons  but nothing was given to our sweet little baby who received the full force of the x-rays. When we asked if he could have some radiation protection, we were told that the x-rays were weaker than those of a dentist's office and it wasn't a big deal. So then why was everyone else wearing lead?!) In short, in just two years, Duckling had amassed a massive amount of radiation exposure and his skin was starting to feel the effects.

Vetiver is a sort of "grounding" oil for people who are kind of ADD types, which definitely describes Duckling. Duckling is always on the go, always looking for something new. I have noticed that he tends to be calmer when I use vetiver on him. The doTerra lady also said she thinks vetiver outright stinks. She recommended putting it on first and then putting some sandalwood over it and this happens to be a very pleasant smelling combination. I used to think the vetiver smelled bad, but I'm kind of warming up to it lately.

Clove is anti-carcinogenic- especially for skin cancer. At this point, Malamute pointed out to doTerra lady that Duckling had three strange, brown spots on his head (where they did the head ultrasound) that had appeared over the last year. And indeed they are the type of "moles" that are supposed to be a warning for skin cancer. DoTerra Lady said that it is definitely not normal to see something like that in a child his age and to start now while he's young in fighting the effects of the radiation. She recommended applying the clove oil directly to the brown spots. I have been doing this for several weeks now and one of the spots has disappeared. The biggest one is still there, but we are fighting it. I'm also using it on a couple of big, brown spots I have and have noticed them starting to shrink. We only got the three for him, but I would like to get some helichrysm as it sounds like an awesome remedy for cuts.


  1. Very cool! My kid has two mole like things starting on his scalp too. I have clove so I think I will try it! How are you using the tea tree oil for the candida? Topically and where? Thanks for posting all this!

  2. Hi and thanks everyone for commenting! Emy, we haven't started using the tea tree oil yet, but it was recommended that we use it topically on the soles of the feet.

  3. Thanks for sharing the info that you use it on the soles of his feet. I'm new to oils this year, my cousin talked me into buying the family physician kit, and we love it, I never quite know how to apply it like when to dilute it and how much. I do have doTerra's modern essentials book, but it's a bit obscure in directions for me. For applying the clove on moles like he has (I have some), do you apply it as is or do you dilute it with a carrier oil? Thanks!

  4. I have been applying just 1 drop undiluted. Thanks for commenting!