Friday, August 3, 2012

Remember In My Last Post When I Said "Lighthearted Stuff Coming Soon"? I Lied.

But I didn't mean to. A few days after I wrote that, after spilling my guts about growing up with a mom who is likely schizophrenic, I had a miscarriage. Right now, the Practical Rabbit is kind of up to her bunny ears in things to do with helping her husband with work and preparations to move. So this post will be a short digest of things I have learned over the past week.

  • I prefer cloth. Nice big squares of it. Wash cloth sized pieces.
  •  Eat your iron to help with blood loss and anemia. I chose to do some iron rich smoothies with collard greens and spinach and add a little molasses.
  • Normal miscarriage bleeding should only go on for a week-ish and should taper off gradually. If you experience bleeding that lasts longer than this, your body may not have expelled all the tissue associated with the pregnancy. If you prefer a more traditional medical approach, you should consider see your doctor about possibly having a dilation and cutteage performed. If you prefer a more "new-agey" approach, you should consider seeing a qualified, trained, practitioner like a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine or experienced herbalist who can prescribe herbs to help your body complete the miscarriage. I prefer the latter route myself, although I'm glad I didn't have to use it. Herbs are to female problems what iPhone apps are to everyday life: whatever you need, they have one for it.

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