Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We got a membership for the local rec center and as part of it, we get access to fitness classes. One day, we entered the rec center to go swimming as a family and I was stopped by a big blue poster announcing that there would be a hula fitness class on Tuesday evenings. I was entranced.

"I'm going to go," I said to my husband. I don't know why. I have never given much serious thought to hula-ing. But I was drawn like a moth to a flame.

And I went yesterday!

I've taken lots of dance classes before. I love dancing. My Malamute and I met and fell in love dancing. But when I took dance classes before, I was always stressing about whether I looked good and what the teacher and the students thought of me. I had some teachers who were quick to point out what I was doing wrong, but slow to offer any help. I spent a lot of time berating myself for how bad I was and so I really struggled to improve.

This time, I just decided to let it go. I focused on learning the best I could and having fun and even though there is a big window into the room that puts you on show for everyone entering the rec center to see and  some of the other women in the class had done a lot of Polynesian dancing previously, I didn't stress about it. I just get focused on learning and having fun. After all, according to the teacher, if you make a mistake in Polynesian dance, you just smile really big because no one is looking at what you're doing they're just looking at your big smile.

Attitude is everything in life, I've decided. And if you have a good attitude, everything else will fall into place.

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