Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Treats and How to Open a Young Thai Coconut

I think I enjoy food now more than ever. I love making healthier versions of treats and good, nutrient rich, filling meals and not having any of the crash that came with eating junk food. I wanted to make this a special Father's Day for my Malamute, so in addition to making him a present (fire-starters- he LOVES making fires when we go camping, but it's definitely more difficult when the wood is wet) and going on a nice, big hike, I planned some special Father's Day treats for him:

Cherry Chocolate Bars- Malamute also LOVES cherries, especially with chocolate. So I used Chocolate Covered Katie's fantastic chocolate bar recipe and added some unsprayed cherries we got from the Farmer's Market. Ooooh so good!

Medjool Dates- We eat a lot of dates, but they are usually the Deglet Noor variety since they are cheaper. Medjool dates are softer with a mellower taste. I think they have an almost candy like taste to them. I got just a few of these since they are pretty pricy and we ate them as a trail snack while we hiked Timpanogos.

Young Thai Coconuts- These are another favorite and they are so much fun! You cut them open, drain the coconut water and drink it (which is soooooo delicious!), and then take a spoon and eat the inside. There are a lot of different ways you can open Young Thai Coconuts, but this is my preferred method.

Picnic Lunch- After hiking a good portion of the Timpanogos Trail (in about 5 1/2 hours with a toddler; not too shabby), we had a picnic lunch. I made a homemade sourdough bread sandwich with homemade vegan pesto sauce, lettuce, avocado (another Malamute favorite) and a little red bell pepper. I also brought a salad, a few of those Farmer's Market cherries and a Cherry Chia Seed Kombucha (Malamute's favorite flavor).

Amish Peas- These were grown by the Salt County Jail in their Prison Horticulture Program and boy were they good! If you didn't see last week's post on the Prison Horticulture Program, let me sum it up: Go get your veggies from them! Malamute loves eating sweet peas and these were some of the best tasting and best priced!

Almond Butter Cookies- I will be posting this recipe soon. It is a favorite around here!

A note on the fire starters- These are a great gift for the outdoors fire bug in your life. And they are also a great way to use up random pieces of garbage. There are a bunch of different ways you can make them, but I took toilet paper and paper towel tubes, stuffed them with dryer lint, wrapped them in wax paper and tied the ends.

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