Friday, June 1, 2012

The Camping Trip Where We Forgot The Diaper Bag

Malamute and I have started going on an overnight camping trip once a week with Duckling and the dogs. It gives us some time away from his parents and also makes it easier to do some really good hiking. We've been doing it for about a month now and have been congratulating ourselves on how good we're getting at it. However, this last camping trip, we made a pretty big mistake: we forgot Duckling's diaper bag.

We were feeling stressed and in a rush to get out the door and I left it downstairs. I had been reminding myself about it so much that when we got in the car to go, I assumed we had it. I had even refilled the little squirt bottle of soap and water to spray on the cloth diaper wipes so I could be sure we would have enough when we were out into the wilds. Didn't even question its presence. It wasn't until we got to our campsite and had the tent up and everything unpacked and it was time potty Duckling before our hike that I realized that we had no diapers, no potty, no wipes, no wet bag, and no cute little bottle full of soap and water to spray on the absent diaper wipes.

Well, I was thoroughly annoyed for a few minutes as I searched the truck. Malamute started going over the options in his head. We could go for a hike and then head back home for good. We could go back for the diaper bag and then come back and finish our camping trip. There was a Smith's nearby, maybe he could run out and get some disposables...

Fortunately, we had several clean rags in the car that we use for camp clean up. This has been my back up plan when I'm out of diapers and haven't been able to wash yet and it always works just fine. Since it was just overnight, he wouldn't need too many diaper changes. I pottied Duckling by the trees, dug out an old, empty ziploc bag from our hiking backpack to store the dirty and wet diapers in, the DEET free essential oil bug spray we have worked as wipe spray, and we went on with our camping trip and had a great time.

A little while ago, this is something I might have let ruin the entire trip. But instead of focusing on what I didn't have and letting that take over, I focused on solving the problem and moving on. So I take two lessons away from this camping trip:

1) Rushing and stressing really doesn't accomplish much. It's better to take some extra time to make sure everything is in place. And...

2) Life is what you make of it. If I want to have a fun camping trip after forgetting the diaper bag, it's totally possible. But it's entirely up to me.

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  1. Couldn't agree more :) Glad things turned out okay! We probably would have gone back for the bag, haha