Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Green smoothies and Self confidence

I'm trying to blog from an old iPad right now with no keyboard, so this will be short. Iam really starting to enjoy green smoothies after almost three years. I have found a bunch of recipes and got Robyn Openshaw's Big Book of Green Smoothies and I have been having so much fun trying new recipes! I can't wait to make new smoothies now! It's been a while since I started the self acceptance experiment and I still have ups and downs, but over all, I feel better. I don't think I'm such a loser any more. And I know better things are coming. (why am I blogging from an iPad, you ask? Duckling ruined the battery on my ancient laptop, so I am on a first generation iPad now. Be patient with these posts as I try to figure out how to blog without my beloved laptop Agnes.) =)

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