Monday, April 30, 2012

Confession: I'm Starting To Love Raw Beets

When I was little, my mom decided that the best way to deal with our family's low income was not to get my dad more career training, but for her to start working at cheap daycare centers. Of course that meant that while she was babysitting other people's kids, someone had to babysit my brother and sister and me. Thus, my siblings and I spent a good portion of our childhoods at the cheap daycare centers. It was in these shacks full of unhappy children and impatient women that I was first introduced to beets. Canned beets are a cheap food, so they were found in abundance at meal times, even though no one wanted to eat them and the bright red, denatured vegetables always ended up in a bucket with unwanted milk and peas. They smelled gross, looked gross, and tasted gross. I thought I would hate beets for the rest of my life.

Then Malamute started eating raw when I was pregnant and he brought beets home from the grocery store and started putting them into smoothies. I thought beets tasted like dirt. It wasn't until after Duckling was born and I tried Agi's Raw Foods Ginger Beet Flaxseed Crackers that I found anything with beets that I thought tasted good. Slowly, I began to like roasted beets with spices. Then a couple of months ago, we started drinking Green Smoothie Girl's Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie. Those Hot Pink Smoothies were good. Last week, I found myself craving Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothies and especially looking forward to the raw beets. Then, I found a recipe for a "traffic light" smoothie wherein the red light consisted of raspberries and half a beet. I had to make it. Had to. And it was soooo good! I made a Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie that day too and I had one today. I think I'm getting addicted to these beet smoothies.

As much as I hate to admit it, Dwight Schrute and I have one thing in common: a love of raw beets.

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