Friday, March 23, 2012

The Self Acceptance Experiment

The other day Malamute and I watched a new documentary on the food and diet industry vs. whole foods called Hungry For Change. I really can't recommend this film highly enough. Please drop whatever you're doing right now and go watch it. (They are doing a free worldwide premier until the 31st. You can register for instant access and watch it online.) One of the great things they did with this documentary was to delve into the emotional issues behind eating. This gave me real pause because I have been working on my emotional issues and negative thinking. Dr. Christiane Northrup (one of the most respected OB-GYN's in the country) came on and started talking about issues with self-acceptance and how they start impacting our health. She said she has a prescription she gives to her patients. She tells them to say the following out loud, in front of a mirror, twice a day for thirty days: "I accept myself for who I am today."

She says that when you first start doing this, all the negative things you tell yourself will start bubbling up after you say that you accept yourself. She says that's OK. Just keep doing it for the whole thirty days.


I have embarked on this experiment. I am on day 2. So far, I've actually been feeling pretty good. I've been making a big effort to focus on positive things as well, and I think that's helping. But for the first time in my life, I'm beginning to feel like there are some good things about me. The thing I like the most about myself right now is that I'm excited to go on long hikes and try out backpacking with Malamute. I'm adventurous. So over the next thirty days, I am going to be devoting a few blog posts to how The Self Acceptance Experiment is working.

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