Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Public Service Announcement

Dear Male BYU Student Who Has Planned A Date Of Hiking To Stewart Falls:

I think I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "A hike up to a waterfall sounds really cool!" Perhaps you're hoping that the stunning view will help when you make your move to put your arm around your prospective sweetie pie. Perhaps you're thinking it sounds more fun than a movie and ice cream. Perhaps you're thinking it sounds cheaper than dinner and a movie. But what I know you are thinking is, "Hey, the weather is nice down here in the valley, so it will be great up in the mountains!"

I see your type every time I hike Stewart Falls with my husband and baby (all of us attired in snow clothes). But your type is especially noticeable in the spring. I see you hiking in shorts and running shoes in thigh deep snow while your date (also attired in shorts and running shoes) follows along, shivering and miserable, armed only with a water bottle and hoodie. I'm sure you're aware that Stewart Falls is by Sundance and that Sundance is a ski resort and that ski resorts mean SNOW. On the other hand, many of you are from warm climates like California or Nevada and may not be aware that sometimes ski season doesn't end until July here. But that is why Aspen Grove and Sundance post weather conditions. Take note that the snow doesn't melt up until June; May at the earliest. Also take note that when the sun goes down, the temperature drops outside. So planning to start your ultra-romantic hike to Stewart Falls at 7:30 pm is not a wise idea- especially when your date is wearing shorts and a hoodie. Remember that the three criteria for a date are that it must be planned, paid for, and paired off. So PLAN and look up the weather conditions. Because I can almost guarantee, if you don't plan out your first date to Stewart Falls, it is unlikely that you will have a second one.

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