Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Worry Wednesday: Breakfast

I used to be a big believer in large breakfasts. For awhile I tried to make big complicated breakfasts every morning. Then, about a month ago, Malamute and I started eating small, simple breakfasts and lunches and having our main meal at night when we're ready to relax. The difference was huge! We both have lots more energy during the day! I can't believe how much better I've felt since I stopped having large breakfasts. So now I no longer worry about making a big breakfast to get us going. I find I have so much more energy when my body isn't working on digesting a big meal. Breakfast for us now consists of rejuvelac, a green smoothie, and some homemade raw red cabbage sauerkraut (it's very different than what you get in the grocery store) for Malamute and Duckling and some fruit or dehydrator crackers for me. Lunch is usually a fruit salad. And we don't worry too much about evening eating. We haven't gained any weight and sleep better.

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