Saturday, February 4, 2012


This past week has felt like one battle after another.

On the Business Front:

Let me assure you that there has been no partying like rock stars here. We haven’t even been partying like a high school choir on tour to Disneyland. And Malamute has been doing much more than taking pictures, especially because he’s an artisan type who outsources nothing so that his work can be of the highest caliber. It’s become abundantly clear this week that we simply can’t keep operating out of the in-laws house much longer. We need to grow and we need a dedicated studio. We just don’t have enough space or money right now. Being in business for yourself has lots of wonderful benefits, but it’s an enterprise fraught with difficulties and obstacles and not for the faint of heart (which I sometimes think includes me). It’s like giving birth- a lot of work, a lot of discomfort, but well worth the end result. We just have to keep doing the work, as Steven Pressfield (author of The Legend of Bagger Vance) says.

On the Duckling Front:

Turns out Duckling picked up a sore throat in addition to cutting multiple teeth. However, I believe in divine inspiration and I feel like I got some with Duckling’s mouth and I’m quite pleased with myself for following it. Duckling hasn’t been letting me put anything in his mouth or on his gums. It’s like standing in front of a locked vault containing a million dollars. He was miserable and if I could just get into his mouth I could help him feel better, but no, the vault was locked. Then it hit me, he’s been nursing tons and he never turns that away, so if I put the arnica oil on me, and then get him nursing...

It worked. =)

In fact, the results were instant. It was like BAM!- instantly calm baby. And it has kept working. I’ve also done some unrefined coconut oil as a precaution against the possibility of a bacterial or fungal infection. We also got him some Hyland’s Homeopathic chamomilla tablets and that has helped his sleeping immensely. The past couple of days Duckling has been catching up on sleep and been much more happy and active. We’re still monitoring him to make sure he doesn’t get worse, but he’s been 110% better.

On the Relationship Front:

And of course when we’re stressed out about business and not getting enough sleep because of a teething baby, Malamute and I start snapping at each other and arguing. The best remedy for that though, was taking a bit of a vacation for my birthday.

So here’s to fighting the battles.

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