Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Confessional

Determined Duckling hasn't been feeling well. Whether it's a mild virus or severe teething (or both), we can't tell yet. He's had a low grade fever (which broke last night). He wants to be held (by Mommy) non-stop and the only thing he'll eat is breast milk. So as long as Mommy is holding him (Grandma will sometimes do, and maybe Daddy), he's perfectly happy and cuddly. It's when I have to put him down that the tears start.

I think the worst thing is the way he's been resisting sleep. Now, Duckling has a history of sleep resistance. He's the type of kid who will go until he drops and we have a saying around here that "The Wild Duckling never sleeps- he just rests with his eyes closed sometimes." But for the past few days he has refused to take naps. You can tell he's exhausted; he keeps rubbing his eyes, staring into space and yawning, he'll doze off for a few minutes, but then he'll wake up again. Because he's been such a little ray of sunshine, Malamute asked Grandma to watch him during the photo shoot we had scheduled. Grandma says he sat with her for a long time and even started nodding off- until he heard Malamute's voice from downstairs and then he woke up and started saying "Daddy! Daddy!" Last night he would only sleep when he was draped all over me, so I didn't sleep very soundly. And I had dreams of driving alone on a very dark road through some sort of government property. Yeah, it was a strange night.

So my confession is that I feel like I've been run over by a bus (especially with the intense hiking we've been doing too) and I'm a little neurotic today. However, when I give Duckling a chiro-touch adjustment, he seems to feel better. And I'll try having some chamomile tea and giving him some. We'll see what happens.

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  1. Aw, poor boy :( That is just how Sam was when he was sick at that age. We spent a LOT of time snuggled on the couch when he was sick. Hope your boy gets feeling better!