Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Monday Confessional: Attempting to Fix Cars Makes Me Feel Weak

I've always wanted to learn how to fix cars. Not anything crazy, but at least little maintenance things. So this past Saturday, I embarked on an adventure that ended up turning into the Donner Pass of car maintenance (meaning that we started too late, the weather got bad, and everything that could possibly go wrong did; not that there was any cannibalism involved, which is the first thing people think of when they think of Donner Pass.) I attempted to change the oil, air filter and oil filter in our truck.

I was really excited and my dad was going to help. It was supposed to be a quick job. In fact, Malamute changed the air filter in 2 minutes on Friday as we were heading out for our hike. "Maybe cars aren't so big and scary!" I thought. But on Saturday I got going later and the weather, which was beautiful on Friday and Sunday, was awful. It was snowing, wet, and COLD. We managed to change the oil (and make a big mess in the process), but couldn't get the oil filter off since we couldn't jack up the car. So I'm going to be calling around to the auto shops today and seeing what I can make happen there.

It was pretty demoralizing and I feel pretty defeated about it all. I felt really bad that my poor dad went out in the cold wetness just to help me. Maybe rabbits just aren't meant to go burrowing underneath cars. I did manage to tighten the bolt to the oil tank with a socket wrench though and I didn't beat myself up over it for too long like I used to. So I suppose I can count those things as successes.


  1. Did you take that mechanics class in high school? This is making me think I remember you talking about it..

    I think you can do it :) You just need more practice under better circumstances!

  2. I laughed out loud when I read your first paragraph. I just finished reading Work and the Glory 9 which has a large part dedicated to dramatizing the Donner Party.